Azores 2011, day 4, dolphin safari

Augusti 21, Ponta Delgada and a dolphin boat. There are supposedly a lot of dolphins around Azores, so today we strolled down to the harbour and joined a tour. Took a few pictures of wall art on the way, there is plenty of that in Ponta Delgada.

Ponta Delgada wall art

Ponta Delgada wall art 2

Moby Dick Tours. Maybe not an altogether encouraging name…


Beautiful weather, blue sky with fluffy clouds, the great Atlantic ocean. All you need for a nice day.


Once at the site the water was teeming with dolphins. But they were difficult to catch on a picture. Once you spotted a few of them jumping and took your picture they were already on their way down in the ocean. I managed to get a few blurry pictures though.




Moby Dick took an extra tour around the interesting lagoon island Ilhéu da Vila.


On the way back. The buildings go like a white band along the coastline.


Back at the harbour, here a picture of the harbour arena.


Madeira 2010, day 12-14, Levada da Janela, Calheta, the hotel

April 21. Today we had another walk on our favourite levada, Levada da Janela. On the info board you learn that a torch, good shoes and a walking stick are useful items to bring. A torch definitely comes in handy, after a couple of kilometers the levada runs through two tunnels, and what’s difficult is not to see where you’re going but to avoid hurting your head against the rough tunnel ceiling.

Levada da Janela, info

The views are as magnificent as always.

I have mentioned the rather common gorse bushes before.

Here is a close-up of the needle-sharp, rock hard thorns. Maybe something for the boyboys in Jackass to throw themselves into.

April 22. There aren’t many sandy beaches in Madeira, and the few that exist are artificial. Here is one in Calheta. They told us that the sand is shipped here from Africa and it may very well be true.

Calheta beach

Another picture from Calheta. The moon is slightly twisted at this latitude.


A picture of our hotel, seen from the other side of the canyon.

Hotell Jardim Atlantico 2010

April 23. A last Picture. Sunrise from the airport in Funchal.

Sunrise from Funchal airport 2010