Azores 2011, day 1, Ponta Delgada

August 18, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel. We arrived at Ponta Delgada in the afternoon and had time to walk around a bit and have dinner on the restaurant pier off the marina. It is a beautiful town with plenty of interesting stuff to watch, but it doesn’t distinguish itself in any particular way among other tourist towns. Actually, except for the marina area, it is not so much of a tourist town, tourism is still a comparatively new business on the Azores. The greatest experience of the island was its overwhelming nature. More about that in coming posts.

The first picture happened to be of the elegant walking bridge crossing the shoreline thoroughfare.

The marina hotels. Nothing to see here. The quay inside the pier is a bathingplace, mostly frequented by the locals.

Souvenir stands waiting for the evening.

While we order our espada on the restaurant pier the sun is setting…

and setting…

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