Azores 2011, day 3, Salto do Prego och Furnas

Augusti 20, Salto do Prego and the fumaroles in Furnas. Today we drove quite a bit eastwards to visit one of the many natural tourist attractions on São Miguel, the Salto do Prego waterfall.

Here a stop on the way to admire the view.

Salto do Prego 00

The path up to the waterfall is a rather easy walk where the beginning is the steepest. You pass an old village ruin, small banana plantation and fantastic jungle-like nature.

Salto do Prego 01

Salto do Prego 02

Salto do Prego 03

The waterfall. A refreshing swim in the cold water is a must.

Salto do Prego 04

Personally I am a cowardly bather, but I can’t let an occasion like this go to waste.

Salto do Prego 05

We chose an alternative route downhill and found the only levada we saw on the Azores.

Salto do Prego 06

Another break to admire the view on the way home. Breathtaking.

Salto do Prego 07

More view.

Salto do Prego 08

And finally we made another stop in Furnas. You can’t miss the fumaroles, oozing their sulphurous gas.

Furnas fumarole 1

The people in Furnas use the fumaroles to slow-cook cozido, a stew you can enjoy in a restaurant nearby.

Furnas fumarole 2

From the mysterious netherworld all sorts of substanses make their way up and colour the surface.

Furnas fumarole 3

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